Subject: Re: Scopolamine patch?
Hi Debbie, I suffer dreadfully from sea sickness but do not use the patch. I prefer to buy 'Kwells' available in the UK from any pharmacy. They are wonderful and I import them as we have a sailboat and I won't set foot on it without them, ( everyone who visits from home has to bring some). The active ingredient in the pills is the same as the patch (Hyoscine Hydrobromide) . For some reason it is not authorized for us in the US as a pill only the patch. The reason I prefer the pills is that you can wait until the onset of sickness to take them, unlike other pills which must be taken before you even know if you will be sick. Also I don't like the idea of wearing the patch all the time I am on the boat as some days I wouldn't need it and some I might. Kwells and I would assume the patch are not recommended for anyone with Glaucoma. I only mention this as I see you are about to set off for the UK and this is a cheap alternative you might want to consider. The bands unfortunately do not work for me, I wish they did, but I know people who swear by them. Have a wonderful trip. Sue in Toronto.