Subject: Re: Laptop use outside North America
Hi John,

My husband, James, carried his laptop along on a trip we took to Europe. He had the proper adapter for each Country we were visiting. He ordered the converter/adapter from the manufacturer of his computer. He didn't want to take any chances. They assured him it was exactly correct and he would have no problems. That just didn't work out in real life. He plugged in his laptop for recharge - in an outlet that was sufficient for such a thing, and we were going to be gone for a couple of hours (perfect for the recharge to complete) and we would come back and unplug it before continuing our day. We reached the street and I realized I had forgotten something - so - back up we had to go. It was a good thing as we found the converter had MELTED and the entire thing was smoking! That was in a matter of - generously speaking - 20 minutes. It did no damage to his computer - thank God! But - the adapter/converter was smoked! LITERALLY! He also had a TERRIBLE time getting an internet connection for e-mail, etc. Matter of fact, even with tech help from a local computer guy, they were never able to connect his laptop. The rest of the trip he had to lug the thing around and it was totally useless as he had no converter/adapter after that. He had paid a *premium* price for that particular converter but it was still cheaper than a new computer.

I hope you get a more positive response from someone else, but I will end by telling you that he no longer burdens himself with his laptop unless we are traveling within the USA - contiguous, that is.

Good luck, John, and I hope you enjoy your trips. Portugal is a wonderful and exciting place - as is S. America.

Sara Wetegrove A Native Texan living in Tucson, Arizona :-)