Subject: re: laptop use outside North America

I have travelled with my IBM Thinkpad to France, the UK and Japan. It is dual voltage so I did not need a power transformer. I only needed an adapter so that my two-prong plug would fit into the wall outlet. I also brought along several phone adapter plugs so that the cord between my modem and the telephone would fit into the phone jack.

An important other item to have is a digital line tester. Your modem expects an analog signal. But some hotels have digital phone systems that could be at higher voltage than your modem can handle which could damage your modem. I always test the line before I try to connect.

I bought all my supplies at Walkabout Travel Gear in Moab, Utah - Their web site explains very simply and clearly the needs of travelling laptop users. They even show pictures of the phone and electrical adapters needed for each country - and

Have a great trip.

Mark Los Angeles