Subject: Introduction - New Member in Delaware
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Susan!

So far, just visiting TheTravelzine has been a thrill!

I was lucky enough to visit Europe as a teenager (on Daddy's $$$) real life struck, it took me nearly 30 years to get back there! I had the good fortune of joining 14 of my nearest and dearest friends on a bare-boat barge trip through Burgundy the first week of June, 2002. At the front and back ends of the trip I stayed in Paris. I have to go back. And, I need to go back and travel alone. The next trip will be my way, up very early, do whatever my thing of the day is; early dinner and early to bed! I don't require posh (I'm not in Paris to live in my hotel room!). I'm thinking March or April of 2003. I want history, museums, a few early spring flowers in the parks...good food and wine. I loved the sandwiches made on fresh baguettes for a picnic lunch!

Having read your tips section - I agree...6 months ahead is not too early to settle into making plans.

I adored the Burgundy region..the warmth of the people and beauty of the countryside...and the wine and cheeses were not too bad either.

BUT Paris maintains a call to me. Which famous person quoted Paris is everyone's second home? I have to say... I agree.

Otherwise, I'm in my late 40's (like ... er.. I'm 50) and I'm single now. I am a paralegal in Wilmington, Delaware. I'm a very lucky woman.