Subject: Re: cell phone charger

Just out of curiosity, I checked three different cell phone chargers (bought in Europe) of three different brands and all of them show on the label the double voltage 110-230. Of course one thing is what's written and what could happen, but if you try and plug your European 220 v charger into a 110 v mains you get no smoke, it just doesn't work properly. Actually if you do the opposite,plugging a 110 v appliance into 220 you get some nice show :-( BTW was your GSM bought or tested before in Europe? That because the Europe GSM network uses different frequencies than the USA one, and cell phones working in both countries are usually called tri-band.

I'd also suggest AGAINST putting your cell phone into checked baggage, first because of security (both flight safety checks and chance of theft) but also for having it at hand when you need it off the plane.

Bye all, Paolo Trieste, Italy