Subject: Re: cell phone charger
Hello Fellow Callers:

Those of you who use VoiceStream or Nextel realize that it is a GSM system and their phones are usually capable of operating both in the US and everywhere else in the world that uses a GSM systems, e.g., Europe. The problem is that GSM coverage in the US is severely limited, e.g., they really do not work in Vermont where the coverage is spotty at best. I am an AT&T user which is a TDMA system and widely dispersed in the US. Well my cellphone had a breakdown and I had to replace it this week. At the store I was given the opportunity to purchase a Siemens phone which is both TDMA and GSM compatible. That means that I could use the same phone both in the US and in Europe. It appears that on September 4th (according to the AT&T salesman) AT&T is switching the US system to GSM and all expansion in the US by AT&T will be GSM. The AT&T system will be TDMA and GSM side by side for a couple of years until TDMA is abandoned infavor of the GSM system. Since all my accessories are Nokia compatible, I forewent the Siemens phone. However, I understand that in a couple of months Nokia will introduce a cellular phone that will work on both the TDMA and GSM networks. The good news is that one cellphone will work whether you are in the US or in Europe. I was so excited about one phone for everything that I decided not to ask about the rates which I am sure will dampen my enthusiasm.