Subject: Re: Scotland May 2003, places, midges, passes

Oooooh, eclipse over ANY stone circle could get me going back to Scotland!

Mapping difficulties arise in trying to render Gaelic place names into any other language, including English. You'll find different spellings of most of the places in northern Scotland, even from one signpost to another once you're off the main roads.

Skapa Flow is the underwater resting place of many ships from WWII, just off mainland Orkney.

Skara Brae is an excavated neolithic village on the northern side of mainland Orkney. It looks like Fred Flintstone's Bedrock &is verra cool.

Craigmuir is just a collection of a few farms on the road south of Aviemore. To find my friendly sheep dog friends, I think you'd just look for adverts tacked to fence posts, or check with Aviemore Information office. As with all the I offices in the UK, they've got some wonderful stuff.

Some of our Scots can give you better info about the midges in May (I've never been in May but not for fear of midges), but I suspect you can put up with the fierce wee beasties in order to gape at the eclipse!

Gail In Eugene but never for long.