Subject: Re: London
Hi Barbara,

John and I planning 3 nights in London from 21st October, on our way to taking up the 6 nights transAtlantic crossing on the QE2 which we have won. Being Aussie's we are at a huge disadvantage as travellers as one GBPound would cost us today AUD2.80. So our London accommodation is going to be expensive at the very lowest budget end of the scale. I've been putting in quite a few hours on the net checking out a plethora of accommodation, some sites having been recommended by Ziners.

I want to comment from my limited but recent experience that the reply you got from Bard Vos dated 30th has the BEST website for London accommodation.

So thank you Bard for that info - the www.hotel-london etc website is one of the best layouts I have seen, easy to access and some very good rates indeed.

If you want to check some others you can find them as follows: and

I believe that the last one is specifically for US based travellers. >From Australia our website is

In case you haven't found it before, the Frommers site has some fantastic stuff. What an amazing age we live in - to be able to have all this global info literally at our fingertips.

At some stage I found a great site of B&Bs in the greater London area, as we were certainly considering that option, but I didn't bookmark it so lost some great info. Guess that's part of the learning curve.

Today we have discovered another great site which is principally for round-the-world airfare deals but does have an excellent section for very well-priced accommodation all over.

Another fabulous idea that might suit people who don't mind a true exchange programme is a site Great for homestay B&B. It's certainly something we're going to look at down the track, as our travel days are just re-commencing.

Have fun in your hunting!!

Cheers, Margot from Gold Coast, Australia.