Subject: Re: Hawaii
Aloha Ziners; I echo Mary's reminder re: walking on the reef at Haunama or anywhere. The site attached gives the Haunama Bay rules, and it's definitely one of them. Wave action can be significant if you venture too far out, so beware of the undertow as well. We were glad we packed our slip-on beach shoes -- lots of sandy spots between the coral where you swim, but the footing can be sharp and slippery around certain portions of the shoreline.

It's a beautiful spot if you can arrive early and enjoy it without the crush of tourists. We tried to get in a couple of times (parking is limited) and finally succeeded early one Easter Sunday morning -- very early in fact -- we watched the sunrise with our coffee while listening to hymns being sung by one of the local churches who were having a baptismal service there. A memory to cherish.

One other thought -- the parking lot is noted for break-ins. Stow all valuables out of sight BEFORE you arrive -- our son recommends under the spare tire. Rumour has it that spotters watch for this procedure and then know exactly which car to visit and where to look.

Anne Burlington ON