Subject: Hawaii
Hello to all!

To the Ziners on their way to Hawaii (sorry I deleted message by mistake so have no idea where you are). The current issue of Westways magazine (AAA Auto Club's magazine) has a ton of information on Hawaii. If you don't have it in your part of the world or area, I'll be happy to mail it to you.

I second Ziner's suggestion of a drive up the Haleakala. It is absolutely breathtaking and a ride I won't soon forget. I wouldn't drive up there on my own, though, for I remember the drive as quite scary. However, my trip was done many moons ago.

A helicopter trip over the island of Maui is also a great way of capturing the island in a whole different way. The island also happens to be my personal favorite.

Have a save journey!

Lidia (in Los Angeles)