Subject: Montreal in October
Dear Ziners,

Last night, over a romantic dinner at local trattoria, my husband proposed a just-the-two-of-us trip October, in honor of my birthday. It's a big birthday, one with a 0.

He had made some child care arrangements with friends, cleared his schedule at the office, but we have (how could we?) both let our passports expire, and can really only get away for a long weekend. He suggested London, as we have talked about a trip there in 2003. I admit I am surprised by his offer, and frankly, the timing isn't that great, as we have a trip to San Francisco (with our daughter, to visit my brother, who lives in the Marina District) already planned for the following weekend. Plus a 9 day trip to Williamsburg and environs in November.

I am thinking about heading to Montreal, neither of us have been there, its only a two hour flight and right now, the airfare is under US$300. I speak french fairly well, and we would sightsee and shop.

What are your suggestions? I have read Don & Linda's travelogue, and I will search the archives. Can anyone recommend a romantic hotel? What district shall we stay in?

If the child and dog issues get too difficult, then I'll go for the diamond earrings instead, but I'd still like to have everyone's ideas.


Elizabeth Chicago