Subject: NY Times: A Literary Alternative to Reading a Travel Guide
Hi to all,

Nice article. As an aside, it quotes Alain de Botton's new book, The Art of Travel. This isn't a recommendation as I haven't read it yet. We did, however, do the bookstore route yesterday and today to see if we could find it on sale locally. It's on the NY Times best seller list, but I discovered that both Borders and Barnes & Nobles have their own best seller list of sale books. Yesterday we went to the Book Loft, German Village, Columbus, OH, and that is one neat bookstore! Thirty-two rooms and lots of stairs. The best price I could find was and since I added a little book, Plain English, Christopher Lasch (which may or may not improve my future posts), shipping was free. Again, this isn't a recommendation of either. I've only seen The Art of Travel and you can't judge a book by its cover or the pictures inside. I've not even seen the English book, but it had a good review and that's a dangerous way to spend money. I may decide I should have saved it for our next vacation.

Happy traveling,