Subject: Re: Italian rail info needed
Hi Graziella,

All prices below are in CANADIAN DOLLARS KILOMETRIC TICKET Adult 1st Class $425 Adult 2nd Class $250 3,000 Rail Kms Card

Usable on regular trains by up to 5 persons even if not related. When used by more than one person, each trip is calculated by multiplying the distance by the number of persons traveling. Valid for a maximum of 20 single trips on the entire Italian rail network up to 3,000 km (1,875 miles) within 2 month period.

Supplements apply on Intercity, Eurocity, ES Italia, and Pendolino trains and are payable at rail stations before boarding. Children: distance traveled on kilometric pass is counted as half.

For further info: 1-800-CIT-TOURS

Hope that helps.

Regards, Linda