Subject: RE:Go while you can
Ciao a tutti!

I cannot agree more with this philosphy. Please allow me to relate a short story told to me by my father years ago. He had returned to his native Italy after more than 30 years of life in the USA. Upon visiting the Vatican, he noticed an old man sitting on a bench, but paid little attention to him as such scenes are hardly unknown in Italy. Hours later, after touring St. Peters, the museum and having lunch he noticed the old man still sitting on the same bench. My dad approached the man an struck up a conversation with him. After a few minutes of chat he finally asked the man why he was sitting there for such so many hours. The man replied that all of his life he wanted to visit Rome and climb to the top of St. Peter's Basilica. Alas, now retired, his doctor had told him that his heart condition would not allow such strenuous exercise. So the man had to be content with observing the dome.

You can bet that on my trip to Roma earlier this year, I went to the top of St. Peters's!