Subject: Havoc in Melbourne
Hi Pierrette,

Thanks for your concern and your kind thoughts!

Yes, the storm was pretty dramatic and did cause lots of widespread damage but then so many parts of the world have been having bad experiences with floods and other such disasters, so we must still think ourselves lucky. Our weather has certainly been less than perfect of late, with drought around most of the state of Victoria and in other parts of the country - even in winter - while at the same time there is unseasonal heavy rain in other parts of Australia. But, with the size of the land mass, such variations are to be expected.

Apart from debris spread around the place, most of it uprooted trees and the like, we are fine in my own immediate area but it was rather a scary night.

When you pay us a return visit, hopefully we will manage clear skies and balmy temperatures for you. And yes, you are right: Melbourne does not have the frenetic pace and size of Sydney, but both have their attractions. Since I get to divide my time between the two cities, I have the best of both worlds!

Warm regards, Joan Windy Melbourne, Australia