Subject: Checking Out
Hi Ziners,

Our long-awaited special anniversary trip to Germany, Switzerland and France starts tomorrow and we can hardly wait. We are looking forward to get-togethers all along the way with Internet friends (now Ziners) who will add the special, human touch that is the highlight of every trip that we take.

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Thanks to everyone who responded to Jim's Zine logo email. We will pick-up on this discussion, when we return. We just ran out of time unfortunately.

We want to say L'shona Tova, Happy New Year, to Ziners everywhere, whether Jewish or otherwise! We wish good health and happiness to you and your families.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your travel talk here on the Zine. We know by our mail that you love this group as much as we do - and all of you help to make it the best that there is!

Lots of love and many thanks, Don and Linda Toronto