Subject: Re: Hotels near DaVinci airport
Hello Jim and Kathleen,

When leaving from Fiumicino (Da Vinci), especially on an early flight, I would recommend the Hilton for sheer convenience. Last March we stayed overnight at the Hilton Rome Airport, which I think is the only hotel actually within the airport complex. It's a five-minute walk to the departure terminals. An added bonus is that they provide a free Pullman shuttle bus between the hotel and the center of Rome (stopping more or less in front of the Piazza del Campidoglio, near the Forum,) which is really convenient for enjoying a last-minute day in Rome.

I found an internet rate for around $200 US per night. Not cheap but the convenience more than made up for it, and the hotel itself was very comfortable with an accommodating staff. The rate included a terrific buffet breakfast that extended as far as the eye could see, and with a chef cooking eggs to order.

Joel in Chicago

P.S. Thanks to Don, Linda, Anne, and Mei-Ching for their help with the Zurich airport.