Subject: Large or Excess Baggage
Travel light (and with only 2 pieces) or take the consequences. As airlines struggle with profitability they are now enforcing some rules that were previously 'discretionary'. Don't unwittingly break these - it's VERY expensive.
>From North America to Europe the baggage allowance is 2 pieces, maximum size 72 ins (158cm) (that's length + width + height). Maximum weight 70 lbs (32 Kg). And if you exceed the hand baggage allowance they can force you to check it as an additional piece. But the charges are the frightening thing. For BA (and I assume others are similar): All in Canadian $ (and similar amounts for the return journey in local currency) $140 for exceeding 72 $420 if it goes over 80 $140 for over 70 lbs $280 if over 72 and over 70 lbs ironically, there doesn't seem to be a maximum size (once you exceed 80, although the weight issue remains). It may be cheaper to throw out that dirty laundry!

Alan Gardner