Subject: Re: Baggage size and weight
Hello Heavy Lifters:

While discussing the new enforcement of the size limits this weekend, a fellow diner told me a story of how she was concerned about being overweight (her luggage, not her, but that is another story). So she took her packed bag to a supermarket and asked the butcher to weigh the bag. It came in at 68 pounds. Satisfied with the thought that if any scale was going to be off in favor of the merchant, a supermarket scale would be the one, she brought her bag to the airport. The airline told her that the bag was 72 pounds and was ready to charge her for the extra weight. Fortunately, she had the supermarket weight label affixed to her bag and she protested the airline's determination of the weight. She asked for a known weight to be put on the scale and tested. Well, the airline backed down and she was not charged for any excess.