Subject: Fernando's trip to Italy
Hello all

I second the suggestion to make some little amendment to your tour. A side trip to Pisa is very easy from Florence, not more than on hour's drive, but can be very time-consuming if you try ti do that from Rome. Going to Napoli takes some time too, but if it's a must-do for you you have to schedule early morning departure and very late return; be also advised both cities suffer of frequent traffic jamming on their access roads, so maybe going by train is a good idea, considering also the hard time driving and parking in Napoli. Christmas time in Venice won't probably give you any trouble; on Christmas Eve everything will be open for last-minute shopping, as well as museums, while on December 25th and 26th (national holiday too) some places will be open anyway because of so many tourists around. Italian museums used to be closed on Christmas, but last year they were all open so I guess it won't be an issue too. Bye all

Paolo Trieste, Italy