Subject: Re: ZINE Vietnam practicalities
Hello Andrew,

I hope this is not too late. I've been away and am just catching up on E-mail. On some of my trips to the Orient, I was advised to GET the malaria pills, not to TAKE them. The idea being that in parts of China and Bali (maybe all) they would likely not be available, in the unlikely circumstance of your contracting malaria. But if you did, you would really want to take them and, assuming something even better has not been developed since then, they told me the two pills would knock it out, rather than suffering or worse with the locally available medications. That may all have changed, but you may want to check. The cost of the pills was negligible against the prospect of maybe having malaria that far from home. When I came home I just disposed of them. It seemed like good insurance.

Hoping this helps,

Lou (TX)