Subject: RE: ZINE Re: Malaria medication: was Vietnam practicalities

And now it's me jumping in! Mefloquine gave me the most lurid, realistic, in-color dreams I have ever experienced! Small price to pay for malarial protection, by my reckoning.

One continues the dosing after return, & within 4 days of my return from the Amazon basin, I had a permit to climb Mt St Helens. Let me tell you, I even slipped into an almost hallucinatory dream state in broad daylight as I climbed &the altitude increased! I thought I was going nuts although I continued my climb (darned permits aren 't all that easy to get) & only afterwards when I talked it over with my doc did I find out the dream thing is a possible side effect. I may indeed be nuts, but the mefloquine exacerbated the lovely rush of the climb, the altitude &the physical joy of doing something I'd always wanted to do! At one point I stopped climbing &yelled, I'm the oldest person on this mountain today & the only one who won't get malaria!. Got some laughs from the rest of my family anyway.

Gail In Eugene but never for long