Subject: Fernando's trip to Italy
Wait, I want to re-state my thought about Pompeii. I should have said, if you're going all the way to Naples, why not see Pompeii while you're so close. But Italy is such a beautiful place to go, and I think you've gotten some great suggestions about not overdoing it with too many directions. It probably will be cold, but if you're prepared that's ok. We nearly froze in March in Florence, but we loved it. Oddly enough, Venice was warmer.

If you're planning to travel by train, be sure to get your train pass validated when it says to. THEN be sure to make seat reservations. You'll pay a little bit, but this is a must or you might be standing in the aisle. We've been on trains in Italy that were jam-packed and others that were nearly vacant.

There. Now I feel better.