Subject: Re: ZINE Re: Malaria medication: was Vietnam practicalities
Hey Gail,

I think I'm going nuts quite often, without any Rx at all, but it sounds to me like you doubled your pleasure, doubled your fun, albeit rather risky. Now I hope we don't hear of you taking it again with no REAL trip in mind. Speaking of climbing, I was totally awed by the news today of the blind climber from America who finished his goal of climbing all seven of the highest peaks in the world. I have friends who have climbed Everest to the 18,000+ ft. base camp, and from their experience and photos, it would convince me there is NO WAY a blind person could do it. I guess you just never say never. Now that's travel!! I can't even find words to say how I admire him.

At least, if I'd been on the mountain, you couldn't have been the oldest.

Keep on traveling,

Lou (TX)