Subject: Re: ZINE Hong Kong tips - electronics

Traveling from the U.S., I found that Hong Kong was not a very good place to purchase electronics. Prices were actually more than the prices we could find things for in big stores here. The best advice, of course, is to be sure he knows the cost of things at home before he gets there.

As to shopping centers, Hong Kong, particularly Kowloon, is one big shopping center. There is a street starting at the entrance to the Star Ferry on Kowloon side that is block after block of indoor, multi-level shop after shop after shop. The electronics shops tend to be outside the really big shopping centers, however. In Kowloon, the electronics shops all seemed to be attended by people who speak very good English. Watch for the symbol of the Hong Kong Tourist Association. The association's web site is

Finally, I certainly could be wrong, but I would not expect to find good prices or good selection of boat electronics in the regular shops in Hong Kong. I am a boater, and even in the U.S. we don't see boat electronics (assuming you mean things like GPS, Radar, fish finders, depth sounders, chart plotters, etc)outside of marine stores or marine electronic stores.

Actually, on my last visit (1999) there were some things that were bargains, but not nearly the way it was before the Chinese took it back. I did not need the extra suitcase I had brought in anticipation of Hong Kong shopping!

Lisa in Chicago