Subject: Re: Underground Vienna
Hi Suzanne, I have been to the Zw#lf-Aposteln Keller and the Augustiner Keller, but that was around 8 years ago. It was while I was living in Vienna, and I used to accompany my friends when we had visiting customers from Spain. It was good fun, and I remember that the food was good, typical Austrian.

If you are interested in the Vienna underground, you might want to check the Kapuziner crypt (where you can see the ornate coffins of the Habsburgs, including Sissi and Maria-Theresia), the crypt under the cathedral, and I remember a Third-Man walk that was organized by the Tourist Office and got you inside the sewers ...

Another interesting (and although touristy, nice) restaurant is Griechenbeisl, in Fleischmarkt. Good food, and at the entrance you can find Augustin (a well-known drunk from the Pest time in the XVII century, who didnīt die because he was so full of alcohol that the germs couldnīt resist him ... donīt worry, itīs a doll :)) )

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain