Subject: ZINE Ireland Question?
Hello all, [Greeting added by Moderator]

Everyone is always so helpful here so I thought I would see if you had some suggestions. I am escorting a Girl Scout Tour group.

However, since we have extra adults I decided to buy my own ticket rather then fly with the tour group.

As it turns out this will allow me to extend my trip on both ends. So.. here is my question.

The tour group arrives in Dublin on a Tuesday morning. I see no reason to wait until Monday to leave so I plan to fly from my home to Dublin on Friday with a Saturday arrival.

Since the group will spend several days in Dublin before heading to Scotland I don't feel like I need extra time in Dublin.

If you were a single female, with Sat to Monday on your hands in that part of Ireland where would you go and how would you get there?

I have driven in Europe, but not on the wrong side of the road (at least to me!)

Thanks! Carol [Moderator: Carol, Could you remind us where you are from, please?]