Subject: ZINE Ireland Question?
Hi Carol

Check for the Irish Tourist Board site. Lots of ideas. Glendalough is probably my favorite area near Dublin. It is an interesting Irish site which would be within driving distance from Dublin. It has the ruins of a 6th century monastery in beautiful, quiet, peaceful valley. Really lovely. You might be able to find a bus tour for 2-3 days. My really favorite Irish spot is County Clare on the west coast of Ireland. If you could fly into Shannon, driving around for 3 days would be a real delight...the Cliffs of Mohr, Doolin, small village with 3 pubs which feature traditional Irish music, the Burren which is a desolate but beautiful, glacier-scraped land &you can view the Atlantic from many viewpoints.

Was planning to go back to Doolin &vicinity in July but I slipped a disk in my back &am still fighting it. Maybe next year.

Carol Bailey high desert Oregon...definitely fall here