Subject: ZINE Help please - NYC accommodation!
Hi Ziners,

I was so excited when I finally saw an email on New York City! As someone who has called New York City home for the last 6 years I would be happy to offer you any sort of information you need when planning your trip. From must see tourist destinations to off-beat quintessential New York City stomping grounds.

As for cheap hotels in New York.... that is a tough one but not impossible. You can find budget hotels in the city. However, you must be cognizant of the fact that housing and accomodation in New York is at a premium and a budget hotel will not be luxurious. A few good choices are:

Washington Square Hotel (very popular amongst European travelers) Chelsea Savoy Hotel (brand new in 1995) Herald and Portland Square Hotels Hotel Wolcott Hudson Hotel (very hip Ian Schrager hotel frequented by the beautiful people of New York, still with budget rooms) Comfort Inn Midtown Larchmont Hotel (fabulous downtown location away from the maddening crowds of Midtown) Carter Hotel Portland Square Hotel Roger Williams Hotel Habitat Hotel Gershwin Hotel Super 8 Times Square Hotel Courtyard by Marriott

You can learn more about all of these hotels by visiting . This is a good site to get a general sense of what is currently going on in the city.

Onto Halloween. Halloween is a very big deal here in New York complete with a parade that you have to see to believe. If time permits I would stick around just to see New Yorkers run wild (in their true habitat) and have fun. The festivities typically occur downtown near the West Village so if you are staying in mid-town where most budget accomodation is you will most likely not be affected by Halloween mayhem.

If you would like restaurant suggestions, theater ticket suggestions, museum suggestions, day-trip suggestions, or anything else at all please do not hesitate to email me.

Good luck, Jodi