Subject: Re:Need Italian Trains information
Hello Evelyn,

When I try the Trenitalia site in English and try to register, it says The service is suspended. In Italian, the form requires an Italian address (where possibly you could put a hotel address) and the Italian equivalent of a social security number, so it may be a problem. For your trip I see no need to reserve before you get to Italy, or at all, unless you're taking trains that require reservations or on a peak travel date. In second class, the comfort is generally fine; it just might be more crowded. The cars are clearly marked as to which class (and smoking rules) they are; if you have reservations, the car number is marked. If you board the train early at its originating station, note that they might not yet have posted in the aisles which seats have been reserved. (All this is not based on the most recent experience, though.)

Andrew Missouri