Subject: ZINE Hong Kong tips
Dear Paolo,

I would recommend your friend to shop at the bigger chain stores for electronic items. The prices are clearly listed out and he doesn't have to bargain.

Here is a web-site of an electronic store in Hong Kong: There are other shops that have web-sites but this one has English so your friend can have a rough idea what is available in Hong Kong and the prices.

I recommend him to go to the Times Square in Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island to shop for electronic items. It is a big shopping mall that he can buy almost anything. On the seventh floor there are a few big electronic shops he can choose from so he can compare the models available (I like there prices they offer should be the same for the same model).

As for buying watches of more famous brands, there is usually a discount offered, and the discount differs from brand to brand so your friend has to talk with the dealer to check the real price. For smaller or unknown brands, there wouldn't be any discount.

As the economy is kind of slow these few years, and the government is spending a lot of effort in promoting tourism, I think it is cheaper and more fun to shop in Hong Kong now than in 1999. Of course, as Lisa advised, check the price at home first before coming, some things are cheaper in Hong Kong than others.

Cheers, Sera from Hong Kong