Subject: Re: Firenze-Hotels and airport
Greetings Paul! It depends on when you expect to be in Florence and where you want to stay. For certain properties (such as my favorite, the Morandi alla Crocetta), six months is not too early to at least try to make reservations. For others, you may be able to go without reservations, again depending on when you're traveling. I found that many hotels would tell me that it was too early to reserve and to contact them 3 to 4 months before my arrival date. I suggest you determine where you want to stay and then contact the hotel with your request. As for airports, I've found that many of the lower-priced Italy flights go into and out of Milan. It's about a 2 1/2 hour train ride (I think) to Florence on the Eurostar. Also, open-jaw tickets (arriving at one airport and departing from another) are often no more expensive, and sometimes actually cheaper, than round-trip fares (arriving at and departing from the same airport). Buon viaggo! Mark Mitchell