Subject: RE: Help please - NYC accommodation!
Hi Margot,

Greetings from a fellow Aussie. Disclaimer before the rest of this post: when I stayed in NYC it was in the first week of September back in 1998. So obviously prices will be considerably different these days. But my sister was in charge of booking our accommodation: 5 nights for 3 people.

She ended up choosing:

(Details from back then) Hotel Grand Union 34 East 32nd Street between Madison and Park Avenues Phone: 683 5890 Subway: #6 to 33rd Street Price: US$121/room per night triple share TOTAL: 5 nights * US$121 = US$605 for 3 people for 5 nights = US$201.66 per person for 5 nights

I've just checked in a link given by another Ziner and found their web site:

Current listing info: 34 E 32 St NYC, NY 10016 Phone: (212) 683-5890 Fax: (212) 689-7397

and from their web site the rates are: HOTEL GRAND UNION 2002 RATES ROOM RATE Single/Double $90.00 Twin/Triple $110.00 Quad $125.00 *prices do not include tax

Now it wasn't flash but it was clean, and if I recall correctly we used the stairs. (Can't remember the lift situation.) It had a double (maybe queen?) and a single bed, the room was a bit squishy, and I fell out of the shower shaving my legs that's how small it was! :) But we were young and carefree and it didn't bother us :) We felt it was a great location in that it was central and we didn't feel unsafe - perhaps that was safety in numbers. Anyway it was clean and it didn't smell of cigarette smoke. :) Megan Brisbane, Australi