Subject: RE: ZINE Mazatlan or maybe?
Hi John, That's a great idea about signing up for e-mail notification of special internet fares on Mexicana and Aeromexico. I had already signed up for the fare watcher on Travelocity. It's helped me out before.

Actually, their original idea was Puerto Vallarta, but they've already made their reservations... it was a gift from her sister. As I understand it, she gave them her time share, but her time share could be traded..... the Puerto Vallarta property was already booked up for the time they wanted to go, but the Mazatlan one wasn't, so they grabbed the booking while it was still open. It fits with their school schedules, so now they're looking to get there :-) Thank you so much for all the research you did... I really appreciate it, and I'll send the information on to my son. Maybe they can make some changes, as those prices are certainly much better.

Sandy in Illinois