Subject: Re: ZINE Re:Travel to Iceland
Hi Helen - I visited Iceland last summer for 10 days and absolutely fell in love with the country.

First off, Iceland Air is probably the most direct option for travelling to Iceland. They have nonstop daily flights from New York City (JFK Intl), Boston, Minneapolis, and Washington DC. Airfare to Iceland is fairly reasonable in the fall, winter and spring but it is quite pricey in the summer which coincides with their strongest tourist season and their nicest weather.

Summer months bring a ton of sunshine and daylight to Iceland and dusk into night might only last a few hours. It is often quite rainy in Iceland even in the summer, but we managed to have 9 days of sunshine and only one day of rain on our 10 day trip. Temperatures in the summer usually range from the 50's to 60's in the south but can be much colder in the north.

I spent 2 days in Reykjavic (the capital) and then spent the rest of my time on a fjord in the north doing trekking and white water rafting. For anyone interested in adventure this trip should not be missed.

However, I do think Reykjavic would also serve as a nice starting point from where you could do many day trips. If that was the case I would probably recommend 4 or 5 days in the country, possibly on route to another destination. I think Iceland Air flights are often cheaper if you use Iceland as a stopping point between the States and Europe.

We stayed at the Hotel Odinsve in Reykjavic which was fairly reasonable and quite nice. Very simple, very clean, very Icelandic. Hotels in Reykjavic fill up very quickly in the summer months especially as the country continues to grow in popularity.

Good luck, Jodi