Subject: Re: My trip to Italy... what do you think!!!
Hi Fernando,

I agree with most of the suggestions of the other replies you received.

> I'm going to Italy on December....
> now some of you told it would be cold
> but beautifull and that's all I want...

Rome, as I remember it, was not cold at all in dicember, but very comfortable. It was around 15 degrees Celsius and I loved the oranges turning orange from green.

The city has got her own flavour in that time of the year, especially it is more quiet. As christmas comes closer, you can do some special things, if you want:

- Get some Panettone cake and eat it with colored liqeur poured upon it - Visit the christmas market on Piazza Navona (hope it still exists) - Visit the wooden Bambino in Aracoeli - Visit the Birth of Christ painting by Pinturricchio in S. Maria del Popolo - Visit Galleria Doria Pamphili near Piazza Venezia and look at Caravaggio's painting Rest on the flight to Egypt

Best Regards, Johannes, Haltern am See, Germany