Subject: Walking tours
Hi Ziners,

Richard and I are considering a self-guided inn to inn walking tour in 2003. It would give us an opportunity to explore a small region and have an active holiday. I am more interested in pretty and historic villages rather than hill trekking. I am budget conscious - I would like to stay in B&B's or similar accommodation. If we are doing it on our own, we will probably choose France because my French should be good enough to cope. The Dordogne appeals to me but I am willing to go anywhere!

I have looked at some travel companies that offer walking trips in France and other European countries - they move your luggage for you, a definite plus! I have seen web pages for Sherpa, Chemin du Sud, Randonnees Tours, Sentiers de France, HF. Many charge about $200 CDN and more per day per person - and these aren't the upscale ones! The French companies, Chemin du Sud and Sentiers de France are cheaper.

I have been reading France On Foot by LeFavour. He suggests planning your own trip and a flexible itinerary that accommodates weather and interesting finds en route. He also maintains that the traveller can carry the minimum baggage that is necessary for this kind of vacation. Richard and I are middle-aged but Mr. LeFavour is even older!

Have any of you Ziners done a walking trip? Did you use a company? If you did, would you do it again with a company? Cycling trips have some similarity! Any suggestions?

Frances Toronto, Canada