Subject: Eastern Europe via train
Dear Wise World Travelers,

As I mentioned a few months ago, my #1 son, age 19, is Eurailpassing through the end of October. He is in Vienna now and plans to go to Budapest within a couple of days.

His question: he had planned to travel down to Italy, over to Greece, and thence to Turkey (he really wants to go to Turkey). Now he's thinking that maybe he should take the train from Budapest through Romania and Bulgaria into Turkey. (Neither Bulgaria nor Romania is on his Eurailpass, but I assume they aren't expensive.) That train trip would take the better part of two days, according to him.

So, he wants to know: which route would be better? (cheaper, faster, etc) Just the thought of his going through Bulgaria/Romania makes me anxious, but maybe I'm worrying too much. (He already had a bad experience in Germany.)

Any thoughts?


JoAnne in Silicon Valley, California