Subject: New member introduction
Moderator's note - Welcome, Dinah!

Greetings! I would appreciate your consideration to join Travelzine.  I am married, however, my husband is not interested in actively participating in Travelzine although he has much travel experience leading trips as a naturalist to many parts of the world (he's just not a joiner).

History: My past travel experience includes growing up as a commercial pilot's daughter- living and traveling all over the US, living in Alaska (before statehood) and Japan, and traveling around Europe-all before I was thirteen (my father is a rolling stone).  My true loves are prehistory, history and

culture.  I obtained an undergraduate degree in Archaeology (alas-few jobs and no money!) and have traveled extensively in the American Southwest and Southern Mexico, strictly as an avocation.  I also have a graduate degree in business (jobs and money but much less interesting!) and have traveled extensively in the US on business.  I also travel frequently to the southeast (roots) and Hawaii (graduated from high school there).

Future: My husband and I plan a Costa Rica trip just after Christmas this year (actually he will lead a nature trip there and I will meet him afterward in Costa Rica).  He has lived in Costa Rica but this will be my first trip and I am very excited.  Unfortunately, I am currently involved with a group of entrepreneurs in developing a new company so it appears my travel interests may be curtailed after Costa Rica and over the next year.  However, I plan to continue traveling as much as possible and look forward to giving to and benefitting from Travelzine. Thank you for your consideration!

Dinah Ackerson