Subject: Re: ZINE Trains in Romania

I have been 3 times to Romania and love that country. Their trains are not the most comfortable, but they are not unsafe at all. It might be unsafe going around Bucharest station in the dark, but it's the same in any big city!

What's your plan around Romania? As Art required, I tell you my favourite spots:

- Bucharest: the capital and a big city. The center has some nice square, the Parliament and the Royal palace are really nice (I was diappointed though to see how much gold and luxury around the Royal palace while people didn't have to eat!). I stayed at the university campus, so I could enjoy the real life, but often they try to invite foreign people with sex, you'll notice it in big hotels.

- Transilvania: for sure the most beautiful area... nice towns in the mountains, castles, hiking paths.... see Brasov (the main city), Sinaia (an amazing town with a magnificent Peles Castle), Bran (home of Dracula's castle), Poiana (a nice ski resort).

- Black Sea Coast: if the weather is warm, there are plenty of beach communities also with thermal springs and cares (the Gergovital thing... sorry I am an ignorant in the matter, I just remember the name!). For youngsters not to be missed is Costinesti, with plenty of clubs and fun!

- Timisoara: the city that started the revolution in 1989, a student town, and the most occidental one. Small but nice.

- Cluj-Napoca: the oldest town, formerly part of the Austrian Empire and following the Vienna's style and architecture. Somebody call it the little Vienna! It definitely needs to be cleaned and restored, but it's very nice and I highly recommend it.

- The Apuseni mountains... just wonderful landscapes and hiking paths.

Food in Romania is very good too... I love Mici (a kind of sausages) and many other local dishes. Also try Xuica (or Palinka), the home made schnaps (or aqua vit, grappa, moonshine, ...).

Hope this helps! Ciao

Flavio in Rome