Subject: Re: ZINE San Miguel de Allende and Queretaro
Hello John and Sara,

I am absolutely drooling just thinking about the wonderful trip you've planned. I love Mexico City and although I have not stayed at the Casa Gonzalez, I have seen it recommended on more than one occasion. Within Mexico City, I recommend the Frantz Myer Museum which I discovered on my last visit to this fabulous city back in 1998. And outside of Mexico City, I highly recommend a trip to the Coyoacan neighborhood to visit the Frida Kahlo museum. The Bazaar Sabado in San Angel is fun too as is the San Angel Inn.

I'm glad to have visited San Miguel de Allende but found it a tad too American. However, there is a fun walking tour which I recommend. Any decent tour book will mention it. We also loved a veggie restaurant with a name something like El Tamato. Have not stopped in Queretaro but have heard it should definitely be considered at least for one night.

My favorite city is Guanajuato. If I return to this area, I plan on making more time for this city. The Capalo Studio is great but probably only accessible by car. (We had a special stop there as a request during a guided auto tour). Please say hello to Gloria at the cute little café Truco No.7 (name and address the same). We had breakfast there everyday we spent in Guanajuato. Guanajuato is also the home of a large liberal arts college and thus there are lots of students around and a very lively town including a little parade on the weekends. I would definitely not drive a car in Mexico. Public transportation is good and cheap and cars are nothing more than #targets# for petty

theft. Have a great trip. Regards, Margo Brevard, N.C.