Subject: Re: buying airline tickets on-line
Hi Sylvie,

I've bought airline tickets online from a number of companies recently such as - Air Canada, europe by air, Ryan Air, easyjet - and have had no problems. In most cases a printed confirmation was all I needed. Air Canada did send paper tickets and europebyair sent an itinerary by registered mail. Whatever the case, you must confirm your reservation with the airline, usually 72 hr in advance. Ironically, the only problem I had was with Air Canada - they overbooked our flight from Heathrow to St. John's and we had to take a plane going to Toronto and then backtrack to St. John's - an extra 8 hr. This means get to the airport early, if the airline you're travelling with has a policy of overbooking - which Air Canada does. How do other people feel about this policy? Apparently, having prepaid, non-refundable, return tickets >3 months in advance and confirmed reservations by phone gives you no guarantee that you will get the flight you booked.

Good luck, Dolores St. John's, Newfoundland