Subject: Re: ZINE Travel in Italy
Jim and Kathleen

My wife and I have been to Italy several times and used the train as our primary form of transportation. In one instance on a local train between Genoa and Pisa we used our luggage for seats on a very crowded local train. Quite handy and it left no question as to whose luggage it was. For the most part, we used overhead racks to store our bags while on the train. We never felt that our luggage was inclined to wander while we were in a compartment or an open car seated beneath it. We did keep an eye on it when someone was in the vicinity, but never had any problems. Unless it gives you an extra sense of security from having the device, I think if one uses reasonable care the extra security is unnecessary.

We will be there for a few days next March and anticipate more use of the Italian Rail system.

Enjoy your trip, Sam Strait