Subject: Re: ZINE San Miguel de Allende and Queretaro
Hi Sierra,

Thanks for your suggestions. I've traveled to Mexico City on numerous occasions and concur with you on all your suggestions. The Franz Myer Museum is one I've yet to do.

Here are a couple of recommendations for when you get back down to Coyoacan. The Trotsky Museum is a poignant example of the futility of exile. Leon Trotsky after fleeing the Soviet Union transformed this colonial mansion into a fortress. Aided by his friends Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera he was allowed to remain in Mexico. Surviving one attempted assassination (at the hands of Mexican artist David Siquieros) he would ultimately be murdered at his desk by one of Stalin's agents.

In the adjacent neighborhood of Churubusco you'll find the Museo de los Intervenciones. This museum details all the different foreign invasions Mexico has survived over the centuries. Of particular interest is a plaque commemorating the St. Patrick's Brigade, a group of Irish-American soldiers who realized the unjust nature of the United States invasion of Mexico. These soldiers joined the Mexican forces and fought against General Winfield Scott's troops at the former convent that now houses this museum.

As for your take on San Miguel de Allende. It doesn't surprise me. I've been traveling in Mexico for over thirty years and have always avoided this town because of the huge American influence. But, as I've aged and mellowed I realize that the beauty of the town is what has drawn these people. So it's about time I give it a look. I agree about Guanajuato. Absolutely gorgeous town. I look forward to returning with my wife in the future.

If I can be of any help with any future plans you may have for Mexico just ask.

John in San Diego