Subject: Three questions
Hi, Ziners!

I wonder if anyone could answer the following questions:

1. The 7-day-ticket on public transportation in Berlin, can it be bought any day of the week for the following 7 days from its first use, or must it be bought only from Monday to Sunday?

2. The Metro tickets in Paris, as I understand it, the basic carnets of 10 tickets are only for use in zones 1 and 2. Suppose someone wants to go to zone 6, is it possible to use 6 tickets of the carnet or must one buy a ticket at the wicket to go to from zone 1 to zone 6?

3. Has anyone attended one of the performances by the Orchestra Les Violons de France? They play in churches in Paris and the ticket price is 23 Euros. What is their reputation? Is it worth it the price?

Thanks for any replies!

Helio Vancouver, Canada