Subject: Re: Paris Hotel Recommendation

Several years ago I had the good fortune to spend five months in Paris on a project for IBM. I spent the first month in a very nice three star hotel in a quiet neighborhood behind the Madeleine Church in the 8th arrondissement. The hotel is called the Concortel. The staff spoke perfect English and were very welcoming and helpful. Perhaps one of the outstanding features of the hotel is that the bathrooms are much bigger than other Paris hotels that I have seen. Plus their croissants are the best I have ever had and they squeezed the orange juice freshly for us every morning.

They have an internet special of 105 Euros for a double room plus 7 Euros for breakfast. Here is the url for their web site:

An alternative that is a step up in terms of rating and amenities (four stars) is the Hotel Le Tourville in the 7th arrondissement where one of my colleagues stayed. She loved it so much that she lived there for months rather than move to an apartment.

Bon voyage!

Mark Los Angeles