Subject: And now London!
Hello Ziners

while happily checking the great tariffs by Ryanair, I couldn't help myself but booking a flight to London at the beginning of November. Now, if half the fun of a travel is planning, another part is asking Ziners about their opinions, and I know your London informations are the best updated ones! So here it is: I'll arrive at Stansted airport on Thursday evening and I'll leave Sunday morning. As usual with low-fare planes, the timetable is about the worst possible. No problem for going into London at 8 pm, but giving the outbound flight at 10 am, then subtracting 2 hours for early check in, 2 hours for the bus trip to Stansted (express train won't run on that Sunday because of restoration works, according to the website), I'll find myself up very early and running for the bus. Having read last year's Cova adventures in early morning London, I decided I don't mind to spend some additional money on a more easily located hotel and I wish to ensure I'll catch the plane. So here are the two questions: a)The bus service offers shuttle out of Victoria station with pre-booked (via web) seats: has anyone ever used it? b) I'm not very familiar with Victoria area, so I'd like to know if it's too much seedy for booking a hotel near there; otherwise, which are would you suggest close enough to get by a short taxi ride in early morning? My past times in London were in Earl's Court and King's Cross, both out of way.

Many thanks for your suggestions


Paolo Trieste, Italy