Subject: RE: ZINE buying airline tickets online
Hi Elizabeth, Chances are that your travel agent booked the seats for you, but it wouldn't hurt to check. I was doing this on my own... didn't go through a travel agent. All I know is that when I called the airlines the *night before* we were to leave for Paris, we didn't have seats.... they'd been paid for, but we had not chosen our seats, and the agent said, Oh, you should have called immediately when you booked with autoeurope. The autoeurope agent hadn't told us that, and that was our first experience like that. The airline agent did, at that time, book us in the last two seats that were available, and they were not together. We considered ourselves lucky that we even had seats. All turned out well, as we got to the airport early, and someone had cancelled, so we were able to sit next to each other. We were lucky on the way back too. However, with that experience, I'd always check first thing.

Sandy Illinois