Subject: Air Canada
Hiya, Regarding the message about Air Canada overbooking their flights. They have a near monopoly in Canada, only rivaled by smaller regional airlines that have limited number of flights. In some areas they are cutting back or eliminating service. I live in Halifax and though there are some alternatives for national flights, there are very very limited choices for international flights, most of which are charters and extremely uncomfortable and for me, not worth the difference in price. I tried Iceland Air to Europe and they weren't too bad but they ceased serving Halifax last year. Air Canada to Heathrow and once weekly air Transat to Gatwick is pretty much it for Europe for the regular schedules and i wouldn't be paid to travel Air Transat. I'm too tall and too big to be ferried anywhere in a sardine can environment. So i either hope for a seat sale or pay Air Canada's prices. And yes they overbook and i've been nearly bumped a couple of times. I always make sure i confirm and get to the airport very early and take a book with me to pass the time.

Diane Johnston