Subject: Random Acts of Kindness
Good morning all!

I was reminiscing over the weekend about places I'd travelled to and the people I've met there. Interestingly, the memories I find that stand out the most over time for these trips are of people more so than places. And many were wonderful moments shared with locals and I wondered if others feel the same? An example or two...

A highlight of my trip to USA/Canada in 1998 was in Vancouver. I was dining solo in a lovely friendly Italian-spaghetti-chain-style restaurant at a nice little table in a corner. (Always a nice option for a solo diner.) A young lady about my age came over and invited me to bring my dinner back to the table she was sharing with her husband. She said she couldn't stand the thought of someone going back home after dining alone thinking Vancouverites weren't friendly! At the time I was overwhelmed and thanked her so much but declined - I really didn't want to intrude on their meal. In hindsight, I kick myself every time for not chatting with them over a meal that night. 15 minutes later I was also invited to join the dozen-and-a-half blokes having a big meal before heading out for a buck's night! Declined that too ;-)

The other memory that stands out is when I was standing on a sidewalk in Paris somewhere

:) spinning my map around so it was headed in the same direction I was. Before I had a chance to pick out an approachable looking person in the crowds, a young French woman stopped and smiled and asked me if she could help me at all - was I lost? where was I headed? (First in French, then in perfect English). Wonderful!

Places can be magic, but don't people seem to help cement the mood along with the visual memory? :) Megan Brisbane, Australia